Learning English. Learn English with an English Vocabulary Phrase Lesson: How come the bus hasn’t come yet?
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Learning English. Learn English with an English Vocabulary Phrase Lesson: How come the bus hasn’t come yet?


“How come” is a commonly used, casual expression in English that means “Why?” The pattern for “How come” is; How come + noun/pronoun + verb


  • How come the bus hasn’t come yet? = Why hasn’t the bus come yet?
  • How come the bus is late? = Why is the bus late?
  • How come you didn’t catch the bus on time? = Why didn’t you catch the bus on time?
  • How come Brian didn’t meet me at the bus stop?
  • How come traffic is so bad?

“How come” is often used as a response instead of “why”.


  • Jules: I’m going to Edmonton next week.
  • Vern: How come?
  • Jules: I’ve got to meet a client there.
  • Dean: Brian can’t make it to the party.
  • Jackie: How come?
  • Dean: He got snowed in at John’s place and can’t get into town.
  • Donny: I’m just going to step out and start my car.
  • Marie: How come?
  • Donny: The temperature’s dropped to –20 and if I don’t start it every couple of hours the engine block will freeze.
  • Jack: I can’t get my car door open.
  • Jill: How come?
  • Jack: Some jerk stuck some gum in the keyhole.

jerk – an annoyingly stupid or foolish person (Merriam-Webster on-line)

Practice: (answers at bottom)

Make sentences using the following words and ‘How come”

  • How come/John/so tired? (hint: you need a verb)
  • How come/so windy/today? (hint: you need to add a pronoun and a verb)
  • How come/the sky/blue?
  • How come/vending machine/out of order?
  • How come/coffee/so weak?
  • How come/tea/so watery?
  • How come/trip/booked up
  • How come John is so tired?
  • How come it is so windy today?
  • How come the sky is blue?
  • How come the vending machine is out of order?
  • How come the coffee is so weak?
  • How come the tea is so watery?
  • How come the train is late?

Answers are Here

Get the 'How Come' Crossword Puzzle Here.



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